This is your second engagement and unlike the first one, you and your beloved want to share everything including choosing together the wedding jewellery that will symbolise this new relationship and your future story together. You are both more mature, settled and you both know what you want so why not design your wedding jewellery together?

  • Don’t forget to do some research
  • Try different styles on
  • Choosing matching tailor made rings

Don’t forget to do some research

Before you contact a jeweller, you have to do some research. Find out which designs you both like, whether you wish to set one or both rings with a diamond or multiple stones and whether you prefer white or yellow or red gold. All these questions will need to be answered once you are talking with the jeweller which is why it is important to have an idea before starting.

Of course, when looking online you may think that you are missing the real feel of the colour of the metal and how it suits your skin tone, or you may not entirely grasp how a 5mm thick ring will look compared to a 3mm ring. But rest assured that if you are uncertain, it is always possible to have a look at real jewellery in the store before you order anything.

Try different styles on

As mentioned earlier, trying different styles and looking at different gold colours are both important, because it is only when seeing a ring on your finger that you get a real grasp of the final result. Unless of course you have wonderful pieces of jewellery at home and already know what colour suits you best.

Trying on rings together helps in the process of tailor making your jewellery as a base for your design. Once you have the base, it’s easier to move along and creatively creating something that resembles you both.

Choosing matching rings

You have decided to design your engagement ring and wedding bands together, making them truly unique to your relationship. Question now is: do you make matching rings or do you personalise each ring to your character? It really is a question of taste. The most popular option though, remains the matching option, where the two rings have for example a similar outline, or similar engravings or they could literally be identical and just vary in size and width slightly. But this is a personal choice; you can also go for two rings in completely different styles.

BAUNAT can accompany you through each and every step of the tailor made process with its team of designers and local goldsmiths. Do not hesitate to contact BAUNAT should you have any query or to book an appointment directly in one of BAUNAT’s private showrooms.

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