An engagement ring that is set with an oval diamond, is very original to propose to your loved one. This diamond shape is elegant, unique and shines beautifully on a finger: a real eye-catcher! An oval diamond is a nice alternative to the more classic brilliant cut, but still has a timeless appearance. Here are the advantages of this playful and fun diamond shape: 

Bigger appearance

When talking about the size of the diamond, people tend to associate this with the brilliant cut. But when we compare this cut with an oval diamond of the same size, the last one appears to be bigger. This is because an oval diamond often has a bigger surface than a brilliant diamond of the same carat amount. This is why a 1 carat oval diamond appears to be about 10% bigger than a 1 carat round diamond. This means that you can purchase a diamond that looks bigger at a lower price.

Slim fingers

An oval diamond has an elongated shape. This is the reason why an engagement ring with an oval stone makes your fingers look longer and slimmer. It’s up to you to decide whether you like this or not.

Beautiful shining

An oval diamond shines beautifully. And even though the brilliant cut has a nice brightness, an oval cut really isn’t less pretty. It shines at least equally beautifully. An engagement ring with an oval diamond is perfect for women who love the brightness of a red diamond, but who still want something unique. Make therefore sure to go for a high quality stone that has a GIA certificate. The 4 C’s: carat, clarity, colour and cut play an important role here. The higher the quality, the prettier it looks! 

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