The round brilliant is still the most popular diamond shape to ask you beloved to marry you, closely followed by the princess cut. However, we see that there is a ‘new’ diamond shape that is gaining popularity these days, the cushion cut. It is an elegant shape that makes a woman’s heart beat faster, thanks to its timeless and luxurious appearance. In other words, this diamond is perfect to set in an engagement ring. Let’s have a closer look at this cushion cut diamond.

History and shape

The cushion cut actually existed since the 18th century, so it is definitely not new. However, it is only since the 19th century that this particular shape gained popularity, especially in the period of Art Deco. The geometric cushion cut fitted perfectly into this period of time. The shape can be either square or rectangular, and has rounded corners with large facets. Therefore, the diamond gets a unique and breathtaking brilliance. Due to the large facets, the purity of the diamond is very important.

Back in fashion

With the growing popularity of (Vintage) Art Deco jewellery, it isn’t remarkable that the demand for a cushion cut diamond rises these days. This diamond shape is back in fashion. An engagement ring with a cushion cut diamond is timeless and elegant, ideal for women who cling to traditions, but want something more. Not only Hollywood stars, such as Jennifer Aniston and Anne Hathaway, but more and more women in general got an engagement ring with a cushion cut diamond.

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