• A solitaire ring is still the most popular engagement ring. Beautiful in its simplicity, and a classic among the classics.
  • Haven’t found a beautiful solitaire ring yet? At BAUNAT, we have a broad collection.
  • We also gladly assist you in creating a customized design, taking her style and taste into account. 

A classic among the classics, the diamond solitaire ring is still the most popular engagement ring. And we can only encourage that. This diamond ring is beautiful in its simplicity, but only few people know that there are a lot more possibilities with its design. You do not just need to choose between the classic brilliant set in white gold or platinum. No, there are enough alternatives. Step by step we gladly assist you in the search to the perfect solitaire engagement ring. A customized ring, designed to her style and taste.

Which diamond shape?

With a solitaire ring, many people think of a beautiful round brilliant, but in principle all diamond shapes are good-looking in this setting. The light is most beautifully reflected with a brilliant, but someone who really wants to impress, chooses for an elegant marquise or a gorgeous princess cut diamond. When choosing a particular diamond shape you better let her personality guide you. Each shape stands for a specific character, and she will definitely appreciate a more personal touch.

The size of the diamond

The diamond size is defined by your budget. We cannot repeat it enough; you better search for a diamond of high quality, even if it turns out to be smaller than you had anticipated. A diamond ring that sparkles beautifully stands out more than a big diamond that has a yellow hue or some visible inclusions.

Which precious metal?

Most people think of a solitaire ring that is set in white gold or platinum, or -for the classic types among you- a design set in yellow gold. Few choose red gold. However, this warm precious metal Is very beautiful in combination with a solitaire diamond. If the ring has a more vintage look, then make it a true eye-catcher. Ideal for fashionable women with an extravagant style.

Still looking for a solitaire ring? Then make sure you take a look at our extensive collection of diamond rings. Do you have interest or questions about one of our designs, do not hesitate to contact us. Moreover, we would love to assist you with the creation of a customized design.

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