When buying a solitaire ring, people let them get set with a brilliant or princess cut. These are still the two most popular diamond cuts. Few people think of a radiant cut. However, this shape looks very elegant and extravagant. So time to put the radiant cut diamond in the spotlight.


A radiant cut diamond has a square or rectangular shape with rounded off corners. This diamond shape combines the elegance of an emerald cut with the beautiful shining of a brilliant. The 70 facets of the radiant cut maximize the effect of colour refraction in the diamond. With this shape, there is more weight on the bottom of the stone so it shines optimally. The radiant cut is beautiful in both a solitaire ring and in settings on which the central diamond is visibly more present thanks to a number of side stones.

Pick a radiant cut

If you’re planning to buy a solitaire ringonline, set with a radiant cut, pay attention to the proportion between length and width. There are radiant cut diamonds in many different proportions. If you pick a square stone, you better choose a length-width proportion between 1.00 and 1.05. Though if you want a radiant cut with a clear rectangular shape, then pick one with a proportion over 1.10.

Choosing a radiant cut, is choosing purity. Thanks to its brightness, this diamond cut has less imperfections and impurities than the square shaped cut - the so called Asscher cut - and the rectangular cut – the so called emerald cut diamond. 

A solitaire ring set with a radiant cut is nice and original as an engagement ring. But whatever diamond shape you prefer, at BAUNAT, we have an extensive collection of diamond rings

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