• The pear-shape diamond is perfect for everyone who loves the beautiful sparkle of a round brilliant, but favours a less common shape.
  • This elegant diamond shape is beautifully set in a diamond pendant.
  • Haven’t found a pretty pendant yet? At BAUNAT we have an extensive collection.

Are you still looking for a charming present, for her birthday or to surprise her for Mother’s Day in May, for example, then a pendant with a pear-shaped diamond is definitely a good idea. This diamond shape is a true eye-catcher, and gives every outfit an extravagant touch. The elegant pear-shape is an interesting choice for women who love the beautiful sparkle of a round brilliant, but desire a more special shape. 

The pear-shaped diamond

The fancy pear-shaped diamond is also called the teardrop diamond, thanks to its distinctive shape. The classic pear-shape is actually a combination of a round brilliant and a pointed marquise cut diamond. This gorgeous, elongated diamond has a specifically pointed and round end. Thanks to its unique shape, this diamond is a very popular choice for all kinds of diamond jewels. Set in a pendant with a diamond, the length of the pear-shape ensures that the neckline is accented nicely.

Pendant with a pear-shaped diamond

If you are interested in a pendant with a pear-shaped diamond, you can choose between different designs. A subtle pendant with solemnly one pear-shaped diamond is beautiful in its simplicity, but it can also be surrounded by small(er) stones. Additional diamonds provide even more brilliance, and that women simply cannot resist. In whatever precious metal you will set this diamond depends on her personality and flavor. Yellow, white, red gold, or platinum, it does not matter. This pendant is beautiful in every imaginable precious metal.

Are you still looking for a beautiful pendant with a diamond, then you are at the right place! Please feel free to take a look at our broad collection. Do you have interest or a question about a specific design, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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