Men, whether you choose a timeless engagement ring, or you're going for a trendy piece, one thing is certain: diamonds are always a good idea. The question remains, what does your loved one like? She will normally wear her engagement ring on her finger every day, so the ring should perfectly fit her style. Timeless or trendy, there is an engagement ring for every type of woman.

With a solitaire diamond engagement ring you can normally do no wrong, it matches with practically everything. The larger the diamond, the the bigger the impression you will make. Think of it as a profitable investment, diamonds are still rising in value. Another example of a timeless engagement ring is the world famous Lady Di, set with a large sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

If your loved one is a rather extravagant type, then you better propose with a trendy engagement ring. The great thing is that you can completely go all out and you can think out of the box. Colored diamonds and precious stones are currently the biggest trend, but ' special ' forms are also in fashion: butterflies are very trendy and heart-shaped cut diamonds are rising back in popularity as well.

At BAUNAT you can get professional advice and we will be pleased to help you when searching for the perfect engagement ring.

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