The diamond tiara is without a doubt, the eye-catcher on any Royal wedding. It’s a lavish dream for brides-to-be around the world to wear one on their wedding day. Every woman wants to be a princess on the most beautiful day of her life. The tiara, with or without diamonds, remains popular within the realm of bridal accessories. Although lately, it has been replaced more often than not by the slightly hipper headband.

The vintage trend has been running wild in the fashion world for quite some time now, hence the popularity of the headband. We’ve been expecting this for a while, especially after the success of the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’. Right now, headband with that ‘twenties’ touch are hipper than ever. Even the slightly more romantic version from the Golden Sixties are back from never really gone. Can it be a little luxurious and exclusive? Than you can have your headband set with diamonds, the perfect alternative for the classic diamond tiara.

At BAUNAT we specialize in classic, diamond bridal jewellery, but if you want a headband ornamented with diamonds, we can surely satisfy your request. Our tailor made service guarantees a perfect fit.

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