Whether you have just answered yes to one of the most important questions or you are just a romantic at heart and a classic woman who loves her jewellery, we can all agree that we love looking at jewellery and in particular at engagement rings. So what can we look forward to for 2019, what are the novelties and which engagement ring design remains timeless?

  • Unusual fancy shapes: the pear
  • Adding some colour
  • Timeless halo ring

Unusual fancy shapes: the pear

Unusual fancy shapes and the pear cut in particular, are becoming increasingly popular and we believe that next year will be the year of the pear.

The pear cut, is as its name indicates is a diamond cut in the shape of a pear. GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, aptly describes it as the reminiscent of a tear drop, a pear shaped diamond that blends the best of the round and marquise diamond shapes.

The most important things to look for in a pear are its outline and its symmetry. The outline should have gently rounded shoulders and wings. If the wings are too flat, the stone will look too narrow. While if they are too rounded, they make it look short and stubby.

Symmetry is also crucial for fancy cuts, in particular for ovals, hearts or pears because it is the key to the overall beauty of the stone.

Adding some colour

We have noticed that people are slowly moving away from the traditional white diamonds to more colourful stones for their engagement ring. Colour makes rings more unique and through colour they stand out in a different way.

You can choose a gemstone, such as a beautiful sapphire or a stunning ruby as the centre stone. The blue of the sapphire and the red of the ruby truly make for an elegant engagement ring, whichever you choose.

Or you can opt for a fancy coloured diamond, for example a sun-like yellow or a black diamond. People always associate diamond with classic white, but diamonds are available in many colours from brown, to yellow, black, pink and more.

Timeless halo ring

Yes, the halo ring will continue to be in fashion next year and will probably continue so for a few more years to come. The halo is a timeless engagement ring design, with its small diamonds encircling completely the centre stone, it can complement any stone to perfection, whether you choose a gemstone or a diamond.

Have you already chosen your engagement ring? Whether you are looking for a ring with a coloured stone, a halo ring or a fancy shaped diamond, BAUNAT has a wonderful selection of engagement rings.

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