2018 has gone by so very quickly but it has been a very busy year. A year rich in royal events with the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, as well as the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack. And a year filled with new trends in fashion and jewellery. With vivid colours and bolder designs, all inspired by a creativity that no longer knows boundaries.

Let us review this year’s wedding trends and the most popular wedding rings around.

  • Wedding trends for 2018
  • Most popular wedding rings this year

Wedding trends for 2018

It appears that although timeless classics such as wearing a white wedding dress have remained, some lovely new trends have emerged in 2018, making this year’s weddings very colourful and really out-of-the-ordinary.

One of the first trends that was observed is the use of the floral theme. Flowers have always been part of any wedding decorations, but this year we have seen them become part of the actual theme. From colourful flowers, to romantic flowers, to your favourite flowers. We have seen them all adorning table cloths and napkins or even cutlery and plates. The floral theme has won many hearts and we understand why.

The second trend observed is that of colour. Bold colours, flashy colours, any colour you like and that represents you and your couple, became trendy in 2018. Colour is indeed one of the easiest ways to bring your personality to the table. From bright pinks, to deep purples or blues, colourful themes have inspired many this year, including jewellers and their bold gold and colourful jewellery designs.

Most popular wedding rings this year

We know that women love their jewellery and as we found out this year, women increasingly prefer to wear both their engagement ring and wedding band on a daily basis. They no longer wish to leave their engagement ring at home for special occasions. That is probably why the most popular wedding rings this year are undoubtedly the matching and eventually stackable wedding rings.

There are many design options possible for matching rings, they can match either through the design itself or through the engraving of the bands for example. Or you could choose two rings that interlock together and seem to form one ring when worn on the same finger.

Matching your engagement ring with your wedding ring is fashionable and certainly considered trendy this year.

What was the theme of your wedding? Did you buy and wear colourful and bold jewellery this year? The most important thing is that you had a wonderful year filled with sparkles and laughs and that you are looking forward to next year’s up and coming trends that we will be sharing with you at BAUNAT very soon! Keep an eye on our website for the new jewellery trends and discover what will be hot or not, in 2019.

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