• E-commerce keeps on growing, partly because of digital communication possibilities.
  • Trust, interaction and a personal touch have found their way to the online market.
  • Greater choice, more educational apps and an excellent price-quality ratio thanks to online tools.


Internet shopping has been possible since 1990. The big breakthrough, however, had to wait till a couple of years later. Today we can hardly imagine a world without web shops. Buying diamond jewellery too, is now perfectly possible online and at unbeatable prices. The threshold for buying more expensive or more fragile products online, seems to disappear. The future of online shopping is assured. But what does that future look like for the online jeweller?

1. The online business keeps booming

E-commerce is growing and buying diamond jewellery online is becoming increasingly easier, too. The online communication possibilities are expanded with for example guidance through chat, meaning you can connect with your jeweller anywhere and at any time, using the method you find easiest. Will you opt for telephone, e-mail or chat?

2. Creating confidence

E-commerce has become very competitive these past few years. After all, it’s not just about buying diamond jewellery, it about the overall experience. Confidence plays a big part in this. Only websites that offer high quality and have plenty of positive customer response and high scoring customer reviews can survive in these times of rapid change. In the future, more and more review, rating and customer forums will pop up where you can make your opinion heard. 

3. Interaction

To guarantee the earlier mentioned ‘overall experience’, it is necessary to invest in interaction between the shop and the client. Through new technologies and media, the showroom comes to your living room. Newsletters, YouTube videos and Instagram offer you a 360° view of your favourite jewellery and jeweller. Something that has been absent before, but will gain importance in the future. Who knows what advantages and surprises Virtual Reality has in store for us!

4. Personalisation

Creating and buying your own tailor made jewellery is becoming simpler as well. Graphic programmes and 3D printing simplify the process of making your idea into a unique jewel. Give your ideas free reign and let yourself be surprised by the resulting 3D model.

5. Everything virtual

The stock of the online jewellery is no longer limited to the physical stock. The lower stock and the more extensive selection of online shops entails a financial advantage for you. Internet prices are lower because of the reduced overhead costs for the jeweller. And this you will notice when you take a look at the price tag when buying diamond jewellery.

Are you considering buying diamond jewellery at the best possible price now or in the future? Or are you looking for a personalised jewel? Take a look at our various collections or contact the BAUNAT experts.

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