• The gold necklace that suits your outfit best.
  • The necklace that compliments your body.
  • The necklace that makes your face light up.

Nicely fitting jewels underline your personality and let you shine. Do you have a warmer skin tone? Then a yellow gold jewel fits you perfectly. With a rather cool skin tone, the white gold necklace is the one you are looking for. A gold necklace is after all the perfect way to complete your look, accentuate your figure and make your face light up. Whether you combine it with matching earrings or not. Curious which gold necklace is waiting to be worn by you?

The gold necklace that suits your outfit best

Are you wearing a blouse or a dress with a V-neck? Then a gold necklace that is long enough to fit perfectly into the V your best option. . To decide on the right length, it is a great idea to try this out with a small piece of string, measuring around your neck. A boat neck and turtleneck are best combined with a long, gold necklace. For even more cachet, let a gorgeous diamond pendant dangle on your long, gold necklace. Are you all dressed up to conquer the night with a strapless dress? Then you can truly choose from all the BAUNAT necklaces.

The necklace that compliments your body

It may be that a long golden necklace fits specific outfits, but if you are small in stature, a shorter chain will suit you better. After all, a long gold necklace will emphasise your shorter height instead of extending it. Those who are slightly smaller in stature, will thus seem taller with a shorter necklace. Your body size, too, should be considered while choosing the perfect gold necklace. A shorter chain accentuates your bosom less than a necklace with an average length of between 50 and 80 centimetres. A smaller chest gets more shape out of a smaller, thinner, golden necklace. And which lady can resist a timeless thin white gold diamond necklace? Simply breathtaking! Match this with a pair of diamond earrings, and all eyes will be on you!

Let your face light up

Try to balance the length of your golden necklace with the shape of your face. Round necklaces accentuate the round lines in your face, while straight and angular shapes accentuate the sharp lines. If you have a rather oval-shaped face, you can really wear all chain lengths. You can extend the jawline of a round-shaped face with a long golden necklace. With a small and angular face, it is better to wear a round and short gold necklace.

Have you made your choice now you know which golden necklace suits you best? For more information, do not hesitate to contact us , in whichever way you prefer .

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