Do you like to have the very best for yourself and your loved ones? Don't compromise when it comes to jewellery such as earrings or ear studs, because quality pieces of jewellery not only look particularly beautiful, but also have a lasting value - often for many generations to come.

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What characterises elegant and delicate ear jewellery?

Elegant gold ear studs with diamonds - Finely crafted yellow gold earrings from BAUNAT
Regardless of the design, you should pay particular attention to high-quality materials. Especially earrings and ear studs that are worn in the ear for a longer period of time can cause irritations or allergies if you skimp on the material. Earrings made of gold, preferably with a high percentage of fine gold such as 18 kt gold, are ideal. You can choose between yellow gold, white gold and red gold. An alternative to gold is platinum, which is even more resilient and also hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive earlobes.

Craftsmanship is equally as important - high quality ear studs or earrings should be handmade in the traditional jeweller's art, with attention to detail and a demand for perfection. Master stamps, such as the one on the Royal Belgian Mint, indicate such quality.

Last but not least, you should pay special attention to the gemstones set in your jewellery. For diamonds larger than 0.30 carat, the quality of the stones is specified in a diamond certificate, which describes the essential characteristics. These include the carat weight, colour, clarity and accuracy of the cut, or the 4C's for short.

Why high-quality earrings are always a good choice

With regard to wedding rings or engagement rings, a larger investment in a very special piece of jewellery of the highest quality has increasingly become the norm. No reason to skimp on earrings or ear studs, because here, too, an above-average standard offers many advantages.

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Precious earrings in a timeless and elegant design can be combined with many outfits and are loyal companions for many decades. High-quality diamonds and precious metals never lose their value and are even a smart choice from the point of view of investing in material assets. The same rule applies as for collectibles (e.g. art, cars, watches or antiques): mass-produced items have a low resale value, whereas high-quality and precious pieces are always in demand and their prices are stable.

Last but not least, exquisite earrings are the perfect gift to pass on to your family on a special occasion. Be it as a wedding present, a religious occasion such as confirmation or communion, a birthday present or a Christmas present. This way, beautiful family traditions can be brought to life that can last for many generations.

Are you interested in purchasing high-quality diamond earrings? Do you have any questions or would you like professional advice on choosing your piece or pieces of jewellery? The team of experts at BAUNAT will be happy to help you at any time - get in touch.

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