• A golden bracelet is for many women the ultimate accessory
  • Therefore, we made a choice of different designs, from the eternity bracelet to a delicate design with a solitaire diamond.
  • Haven’t found a beautiful bracelet yet? At BAUNAT we have an extensive collection.

Since ancient times, ladies have thought of the gold bracelet as the ultimate accessory. And they are right! It is a gorgeous, elegant and classy jewel, especially if it is set with diamonds. Moreover, you can choose between different designs, and at BAUNAT we have magnificent yellow golden diamond bracelets in our collection. Let’s look further into this.

The eternity bracelet, also beautiful in yellow gold

The American tennis player Chris Evert, introduced the famous eternity bracelet in 1987. She lost her bracelet during a tennis match and paused the game to search for it. This eternity bracelet is completely set with diamonds and is very popular in white gold or platinum. Thanks to the beautiful reflection of the light, the diamonds sparkle even more. But a yellow golden bracelet is also irresistible. The design looks a little more classic in yellow gold but that does not affect its beauty. Timeless elegance, it is a bracelet that you can combine with every imaginable outfit.

The delicate golden bracelet for women

Women who like their golden bracelet to be subtle, can choose a delicate design with a solitaire diamond. Beautiful in its simplicity, but that does not mean that this bracelet attracts less attention. On the contrary. By choosing a delicate bracelet, the diamond will stand out even more. That means more brilliance, making it a real eye-catcher. And which woman does not want to wear such bracelet around her wrist? Nowadays, delicate bracelets are becoming a true trend and we can only welcome this with open arms.

Are you looking for a beautiful golden bracelet for women, then you are at the right place. Designs in other precious metals are also a possibility. Please feel free to take a look at our extensive collection. Do you have interest or a question about a specific design, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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