• Where does the name “tennis bracelet” come from?
  • Which finer version of the tennis bracelet suits me?
  • How do I choose a unique bracelet?

Traditionally, a gold bracelet is seen as the ultimate accessory. It is a beautiful, elegant and classy piece of jewellery, especially when set with diamonds. You can choose from different designs and materials. Which designs are there? Which style suits me best?

Where does the name “tennis bracelet” come from?

The American tennis star Chris Evert was the involuntary inspiration behind the “tennis bracelet“; when in 1987 she lost her bracelet during a tennis match and asked for the match to be stopped until the expensive jewellery was found. The design is set all the way around with diamonds and is most popular in white gold or platinum, as reflection of the light on the metal caused the diamonds to shine even more. But a yellow gold tennis bracelet also has an irresistible appeal. This version may look a bit more classic, but that does not detract from its timeless elegance. You can combine this golden bracelet with every outfit imaginable.

Which finer version of the tennis bracelet suits me?

Ladies who want their gold bracelet to be more subtle choose a finer model. You can also opt for a solitaire diamond that immediately lifts the bracelet to a higher level. Beautiful in its simplicity, but no less striking. By choosing a fine bracelet, the diamond stands out all the more. And what woman does not want to wear a bracelet like this on her wrist?

Just like the tennis bracelet and the fine golden bracelet, the diamond link bracelet breathes luxurious subtlety. The fine diamonds in the precious metal links give the right sparkle for every occasion.

How do I choose a unique bracelet?

The classic beauty of the slave bracelet has been adorning wrists for centuries. This immobile but surprisingly fine piece of jewellery comes in many shapes and sizes. Large and flat, fine and round: you choose what suits you best. The opening in the bracelet increases the wearing comfort and the flexibility of the jewellery. This stylish jewellery is very easy to combine or wear in multiples for more or less subtle glamour. A modern design also gives a unique twist to the classic gold bracelet. Go for a playful fine bracelet or choose a statement with a designer slave bracelet.

Where can I choose my beautiful golden bracelet from a large selection? Which bracelet would suit me best? Browse through our extensive collection or ask advice from the BAUNAT diamond experts.

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