The man goes to work and the woman stays at home to take care of the household and the children? Not anymore. Today, successful men prefer a strong woman who is successful in life and who is not hiding behind her husband.


Interesting in this regard is a sociological survey conducted by two American universities, in which men were asked to name the qualities that they value most in a woman. Here are the top 10 in reverse order: 

10. Ambition 

Men today like women who know what they want in life and who pursue their goals as well. This clearly contradicts the ideas of older generations, where women who had ambition intimidated men. But times have changed, even if this characteristic ranks 10th place. 

9. Desire to have children 

This ranked 5th in the 1930s, but with ever better and equal education possibilities, the desire to have children fell back the 9th place. More and more couples are also getting married at a later age, such as 30 or 40

8. Attractive appearance 

Even if it sounds superficial, the success of a first date also depends on how attractive men find their partner. But even though attractiveness features in this list, it seems far less important to men than commonly assumed. 

7. Health 

Health equals a longer life and a more fulfilling partnership and this plays an important role for men their choice of partner.  

6. Social environment

When you marry your partner, their family and friends become your family and friends. Therefore, it is not so surprising that social environment ranks this high in the list. 

5. Happiness

Having a partner that is always in a bad mood and who is a negative thinker, can get you down as well. Men consider happiness the 5th most important quality.

4. Education and intelligence 

In 4th place and thus far ahead of number 8, appearance, ranks education and intelligence. The myth that men go for beauty rather than brains is hereby clearly disproved.

3. Maturity and emotional stability

According to the survey, men look for women who are emotionally stable and who use their heads rather than their hearts to guide them. 

2. Reliability

The reliability of the partner is at the forefront for both sexes. Everybody is looking for someone who will stay with you forever, in good times as well as in bad times.

1. Fidelity

On the first place, for both sexes, comes loyalty. Both men and women expect to have a faithful partner that will give him or her their undivided attention.

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