• Being original and unique, but elegant
  • Importance of the quality of the design
  • Choosing the diamond that will impress

You are a successful person, you enjoy life and everything that goes with it, and more importantly, you have met THE one.

Now comes the time to not only find the most adorable and memorable moment to pop the question, but also, to find the engagement ring that will deliver, that will completely surprise your fiancée.

Being original and unique, but elegant

You want to impress your fiancée and be proud of your choice by making sure that the ring you picked is the ring that your fiancée was dreaming of.

Nowadays it can be easier to understand what your loved one likes without even having to ask their family and friends. By following her likes on Instagram or Pinterest and other social networks, you can see the designs or diamond shapes she hastagged the most, thus getting a general feel of what would really surprise her.

It is important to be original and unique, of course, but one should always choose an elegant and dazzling piece of jewellery. After all, it is a once in a lifetime request and the ring is meant to be worn for the rest of your days together.

Importance of the quality of the design

We believe that one of the synonyms of exquisite and uniqueness, is quality, because a ring that is poorly manufactured, will not look as subtle and perfect as one that is carefully and precisely made by the best goldsmiths.

Furthermore, the quality is also important long term, especially when the purchase of the engagement ring is considered an investment. If the ring is worn on a daily basis it will of course show signs of wear, but if it is of high quality, it is more likely to last more than a lifetime.

Choosing the diamond that will impress

There’s two ways to proceed here, either you choose the design first and then find the diamond that will fit, or you choose the diamond that you had in mind and then find the ring that will match the diamond perfectly.

Both options are really a personal choice, and whichever way you wish to proceed, the possibilities are numerous.

At BAUNAT, we thrive to offer wonderful engagement rings that you can pair with a myriad of stunning diamonds. And should none of the designs in the collection fit what you have in mind, at BAUNAT we are happy to provide tailor made jewellery from our own team of designers and working with the best goldsmiths in town. As to the diamonds, we offer a large selection of diamonds, from the more commercial diamonds, to amazing fancy coloured diamonds and investment diamonds. Whatever you are looking for, we can provide it to you.

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