In Hollywood, people get together just as fast as they break up. But just with everyone else, the future bride stars attach great importance to their engagement ring. Celebrities love to show off their diamond wedding ring, set with rubies or in a platinum band. We are not sure whether it is to make us daydream or envy them. Here is a selection of the most beautiful engagement rings worn by some of our favourite celebs. 




The most beautiful engagement rings of the stars

We cannot talk about the most gorgeous engagement rings of the stars without starting with Elizabeth Taylor. The famous American actress is also known for her impressive jewellery collection. This includes her 30-carat diamond engagement ring, which she received from her first husband, Michael Todd. Her second husband, Richard Burton, one-upped him by giving her a 33-carat diamond engagement ring.

Another gorgeous example of a celebrity’s ring is Lady Gaga’s. Taylor Kinney offered her a heart-shaped solitaire engagement ring.

Anne Hathaway is a star spoiled by her husband. To show her how much she means to him, Adam Shulman bought her a $150,000 ring that he personally designed. Now that is what we call unique!

A star who had not one but multiple engagement rings is Victoria Beckham, all offered by the same man. The romantic David Beckham regularly gives her a new diamond ring. The former Spice Girl has at least ten engagement rings, especially favouring emerald or diamond. The most expensive one is a unique ring with a heart-shaped diamond that was estimated at €1,265,000.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, regularly wears her beautiful engagement ring inherited from Princess Diana. As beautiful as its wearers, it consists of an 18-carat sapphire which would be estimated at €370,000 today.

Another star whose engagement ring really caught the media’s attention was Kim Kardashian’s $2 million ring. Despite her marriage to Kris Humphries only lasting 72 days, this ring was a definite hit with the fans. Kanye West, her third husband, gave her a breath-taking ring that is probably worth $4 to 5 million.

And last but not least, Beyoncé has received her own creation of Lorraine Schwartz worth €5 million.


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