• The most popular engagement ring is still…the solitaire ring!
  • This design is nice in every precious metal. We shortly summarize the 4 most important precious metals.
  • Haven’t you found a nice solitaire ring yet? At BAUNAT we have an extensive collection.

Men choose most frequently for a solitaire ring to propose to their girlfriends. And to be honest: we can’t disagree. This classic model is timeless, elegant and fits every type of women. But it’s the central diamond that attracts all the attention, mostly brilliant or princess cut. How big this one is, depends on your budget. We would like to emphasize that the size is not the most important aspect, but the quality is. In short, you better opt for an engagement ring with a smaller diamond and a higher quality. Of course, also the precious metal is important. The choice depends on different factors. That’s why we explain the 4 most important precious metals again.

Yellow gold

A solitaire ring looks very classically in yellow gold. This means, it is the perfect model for women with a timeless dressing room. On top of that, yellow golden diamond rings have a warm appearance. This precious metal stands out extra in combination with black clothes (think: the little black dress) But yellow gold is also nice combined with a white outfit during the summer time.

White gold or platinum

Engagement rings in white gold or platinum are the most popular, as well as the solitaire ring. In a previous blogpost we have already discussed the advantages and disadvantages of both precious metals. The fact is that their grey-white colour makes the diamond even shine more, which is the most important reason why these precious metals are so popular.

Red gold

Red gold is one of the most special precious materials. In comparison with for example yellow or white gold is this precious metal not exposed to fashion trends.

At this moment, red golden jewellery is very wanted, because of their warm appearance. Red gold is namely an alloy from (yellow) gold and copper. A red golden solitaire ring is at least to be called an original choice, and especially your upcoming fiancée will love it.

Still looking for a nice solitaire ring? Definitely take a look at our extensive collection of diamond rings. Are you interested in one of our designs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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