Trends come and go, but the Solitaire is the most recognizable and popular engagement ring of them all.

Instead of the classic round edge, the frame of the Solitaire is elliptical. A unique effect no one can resist. Because of its simplicity the diamond gets all the attention. Where men used to choose for a sober/small diamond, the current rule is: the bigger, the better! The Solitaire makes a statement these days. The most common setting for a solitaire ring is the Tiffany-mount, named after Tiffany & Co. This setting consists of a set of 6 ‘prongs’, which keeps the stone firmly in place. The diamond gets more space, which makes it more shiny. One of the biggest characteristics of solitaire rings is their versatility. All types of diamonds can be placed. They possess a pure elegance that is hard to find. Choosing a Solitaire is playing it safe, it’s the ideal engagement ring for him who is not sure of his bride-to-be’s taste.

We also offer a wide selection of solitaire engagement rings.

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