Would you like something different from the standard round cut diamond? Then choose a princess cut. This cut lives up to its name thanks to its romantic and luxurious appearance. For that reason, the princess cut diamond is often placed as a central diamond in a ring, such as in an engagement ring.

Engagement ring with princess cut diamond from BAUNAT

What characterises the princess cut?

The princess cut is actually the square version of the brilliant. With 57 or 76facets, it is the second most popular cut. Because less material is lost during the cutting process, the princess cut diamond is a lot cheaper than a round diamond.

When you look at the princess diamond from above, you see a square shape. But when it is viewed from the side, the shape is more like an inverted pyramid. Simple, beautiful and timeless!

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The history of the princess cut

Although the foundations for modern diamond cutting had already been laid as early as 1456, we had to wait until the Golden Sixties for the princess cut diamond. The princess cut as we know it today was in fact not created until 1979.

The princess cut has its origins in the Barion cut, which was patented in 1971 by a South African diamond cutter, Basil Watermeyer. The most recent version of the princess cut was patented in 2013 by Robert Forster and Vinubhai G. Dhanani who invented a design with 129 facets.

The popularity of the princess cut diamond

Among the different types of cut diamonds, the princess cut is one of the most popular cuts for an engagement ring. If you are looking for an engagement ring that is a touch more modern and yet that little bit different, this is a good choice for you.

The same stone will cost less in a princess cut than in a round cut

The price for a princess cut diamond is generally slightly lower than that of a round cut of the same size, even with exactly the same 4 Cs. This is because less material is lost during the cutting process for a princess cut and therefore more carats remain. In addition, the princess cut has a very luxurious and romantic look, as the name suggests.

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Image of different cuts together. – BAUNAT

The difference between the radiant cut and the princess cut diamond

The main difference between the radiant cut and the princess cut diamond is the corners. The princess cut has pointed corners, where the radiant cut has more rounded corners. The princess cut will therefore be more fragile.

In addition, the princess cut will shine slightly less than the radiant cut. The latter is in fact cut so that it contains the ultimate brilliance.

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The difference between the cushion cut and the princess cut diamond

In addition to the radiant cut, there is also the cushion cut. Here, too, the corners are very different to the princess cut. The cushion cut will have even more rounded shapes, thereby creating an elegant style. The cushion cut gets its name because the shape of the diamond resembles a cushion.

The cushion cut also has a more rounded surface, while the princess cut is flat and even looks somewhat 'dented'.

The difference between the princess cut diamond and the round diamond or brilliant

Woman wears different BAUNAT rings with round, oval and princess cut diamonds respectively.
The brilliant and the round diamond are the most popular cuts for diamonds. But this in no way makes the princess cut inferior.

With its 58 facets, the brilliant has the most brilliance, although the princess cut diamond will be cheaper because less material is lost during the cutting process.

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The appearance of a princess cut diamond

The princess cut is a 'square modified brilliant', which distinguishes itself from other square diamonds such as the Asscher cut. The cut contains fire and brilliance and is highly suitable for engagement rings thanks to its romantic and modern look. Naturally it is also well suited to pendants for necklaces or to diamond earrings.
Woman wears different BAUNAT rings with round, oval and princess cut diamonds respectively.
Due to its simple square shape, the princess cut diamond is also easy to combine with other diamond shapes. For example, it is often placed with small, round side diamonds for an extra sparkling effect.

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What should you look out for when buying a princess cut diamond?

For a princess cut, it is essential that the quality of the polishing scores Very Good to Excellent and no less. Due to the nature of the cut, you need this high quality for optimal brilliance and scintillation effect.

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What other types of cut are there?

The princess cut diamond is such a popular cut due to its beautiful brilliance and unique appearance. Naturally that is not to say that everyone will fall in love with a square diamond. Would you prefer something different? Then take a look at other cuts below.

  • The oval cut
  • The pear-shaped cut
  • The emerald cut
  • The brilliant
  • The cushion cut

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