How do you find the perfect wedding ring? Finding the perfect wedding ring seems less important than finding the perfect wedding dress, but nothing could be further from the thruth. If all goes well, you will be wearing your wedding ring for the rest of your life. Therefore it needs to be stylish, comfortable and of high quality. Think twice before choosing a wedding ring following a certain trend. Ask yourself whether you will still like it in 10, 20 years’ time. Current trends are yellow gold, vintage and engraved wedding rings.

For her it is adviseable that the wedding ring matches the engagement ring. Look for the right balance. The wedding ring shouldn’t outshine your engagement ring. Make sure both rings are made with in the same alloy. And, stay true to your style. Is your engagement ring rather minimalist than to go choosing a vintage wedding ring. If you’re looking for some more bling bling, better go for a diamond wedding ring. If you found, and absolutely fell in love with non-matching wedding bands, wear them on your other hand.

A lot of couples aren’t concerned with their wedding rings being identical. We often see different widths, and ever increasingly we see two completely different wedding rings. Since many couples don’t have the same taste, they both choose very different rings. You could look for matching styles or materials however so that there is a reference to your partners’ ring. You can for example both opt for a golden wedding ring.

At BAUNAT we can offer a wide range of diamond wedding rings.

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