The wondrous world of diamonds never ceases to amaze me. Some stones are so beautiful that they fill me with awe, as did the Millennium Star. Before it was cut this diamond weighed 777 carats, after cutting only 203.04 carats remained. The Millennium Star is currently property of De Beers and is regarded as one of the most beautiful diamonds in the world because of its magnificent pear shape. This diamond is loupe clean, D grade colour (colorless) en free of impurities, simply flawless. The diamond was discovered in 1989 in the Mbuji-Mayi district of Zaïre. It took over three years to cut it to its present shape. The Millenium Star was first showed to the world in October 1999, hence the name.

Pear cut diamonds were out of fashion for a while, but with the revival of vintage jewellery, the demand for pear cut diamonds is rising. They have a very female allure. The shape exists of one round and one pointed edge. The pear cut diamond exudes luxury and is very beautiful in an engagement ring but can also be used in a pendant or a set of earrings. You have come to the right place for a diamond jewel with a pear shaped diamond. 

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