Whether it is a ring in white gold, red gold or yellow gold, a ring embellishes your hands. But have you ever wondered about the meaning of wearing a ring, especially on the finger you are wearing it now? Discover below the story of each finger. 

Wearing a ring left or right

In general, the meaning of wearing a ring in yellow gold or white gold is different if you wear it on your left or right hand. In the Chinese culture the right hand is the hand that gives, and left the hand that takes.

So, if you are wearing your engagement ring on your left ring finger, like most Western and Christian countries, this means that you expect to gain more in your relationship than you give. In other countries, this is just the opposite, they wear their wedding ring on their right finger, which means that they give more of themselves in their marriage.

The mythological belief for every finger

The thumb is the only finger that is not given a Roman god’s name. It represents the personal and universal will. That is why wearing a ring on your thumb stands for being socially distinguished. Nowadays, it represents expressing positivity which we show by giving a thumb up “ok”.

The index finger wears the name of Jupiter, the Roman god. It represents trust, ambition and a great ability to lead.

Saturn provides the middle finger with one of the most important features. Considered as the balance of the hand or the personality, the middle fingers embodies the balance between good and evil, with a tendency to the good. If you wear a ring on your middle finger, then that means that you are inclined to discover the truth and always follow the law. You are also not afraid to challenge yourself.

The ring finger is influenced by Apollo, the god of love. He carries the culture of love, beauty, mercy and compassion. People say that the ring finger is the most valuable finger, it is therefore not without reason that this finger is chosen to wear your wedding ring.

And finally, the pinky ring embodies communication, represented by Mercurius.

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