Every finger on a hand carries a particular meaning, a symbolism in the world of jewellery. In some cultures, the symbolism goes as far as differentiating the right from the left hand. Yet again, there are cultures who have no such beliefs and hold no particular meaning regarding which finger rings are worn on. Whichever your point of view, we are happy to share with you some of the beliefs regarding right versus left hand and touch upon the symbolisms of the middle finger ring.

  • Wearing rings on the right versus the left hand
  • What is the symbolism of the middle finger ring?

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Wearing rings on the right versus the left hand

Wearing a ring on one hand or one finger rather than another may be influenced by several factors. By culture as mentioned above, but also by history, religion as well as relationships and weddings.

Overall, there are far more right-handed people on earth than left-handed. It is said that only about 10% of the population is left-handed. Which is why, in general, the right hand is considered the main hand, the one with which we carry out most actions. The left hand on the other hand, is often called the “thinking” hand as it is less dominant.

On which hand you wear your wedding ring depends on cultural & religious customs, or personal preference.

In Chinese culture, the left hand is the hand that takes and the right hand the one that gives, that is why their wedding band is worn on the right hand as it symbolises that they give more of themselves in their marriage.

In the western world there is a slightly more romantic approach, with the ring finger on the left hand being the main wedding finger because Romans believed that the vein from that finger ran straight to the heart.

Whether you prefer wearing rings on the right hand as it is your dominant hand or the opposite, in order to protect your jewellery, ultimately the choice is yours.

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What is the symbolism of the middle finger ring?

According to some people, some assumptions can be made about your personality, your relationship status, and other factors just by looking at your rings and which finger you wear them on.

Interestingly enough, of all fingers, the middle finger is actually the one that does not necessarily stand for anything in particular. This leaves you with the freedom to wear anything you wish without having to worry about any meanings.

The middle ring finger is central to the hand and therefore indirectly represents balance. ​

Nevertheless, the middle ring finger is central to the hand and therefore indirectly represents balance. Along with balance comes beauty and responsibility. Furthermore, astronomically, the middle ring finger actually symbolises the planet Saturn and the balance between good and evil.

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