It’s an art standing out from the crowd these days, especially in a world where everything has already been done. We all want to be noticed in something that sets us apart from others. Furthermore, it’s getting more common to propose to a loved one with something unique. I covered the engagement bracelet in a previous blog. It’s the perfect alternative to the traditional engagement ring, and the best known example of this token is undoubtedly the iconic bracelet that John F. Kennedy gave to Jackie O.

John F. Kennedy was so delighted Jackie accepted his wedding proposal that he gave her a diamond engagement bracelet matching her engagement ring the day before their wedding. This white golden bracelet was created by Van Cleef & Arpels on 5th Avenue in New York and is fully set with diamonds. It was said that Jackie was over the moon with this wonderful gift and sincerely moved by such a romantic gesture. This bracelet is a symbol of pure love, evoking one of the most talked about couples of all time. Jackie wore this engagement bracelet for her entire life and her daughter Caroline carried on this tradition after her death.

There are hundreds of replicas on the market and we also have a wide choice of diamond bracelets in our collection, whether or not inspired by the renowned Jacky O.


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