• Which precious stone to choose for an engagement ring? You have the choice between different stones such as the emerald, the sapphire and the diamond.
  • The diamond is the classic precious stone for an engagement ring.
  • Each precious stone has a specific meaning. 

The choice of the stone set in the engagement ring is essential, mostly because we see it as the symbol for the love that the future bride and groom carry. Each stone has its own meaning. Very often the couple arranges their choice based on these meanings.

Precious stones to choose for an engagement ring

The diamond is the ultimate representative of luxury and beauty. This precious stone represents purity, longevity and eternal love. The diamond is known for its clarity and hardness. In the ancient times people claimed that it had the power to protect you from diseases, poisons and even enemies.

The emerald, from the Persian “heart of stone” is the symbol of love and hope. This intense green stone also represents rebirth and eternal youth.

The sapphire is Greek for “the most beautiful”. This precious gemstone has a number of meanings. It is considered as the greatest of talismans by the east and is renowned for its pious, richness and peacefulness.

The ruby is considered to be a king’s stone, it therefore represents power. It is fascinating in the sense that it was shining with all its splendor when happiness reigned and darkened otherwise. For the couple, this stone means love and vitality. It is given the power to prevent treason.

Semi-precious stones to choose for an engagement ring

One can also choose semi-precious stones to decorate their engagement ring, but again, it is necessary to know the meanings that the jewel can represent on the life of the couple.

The turquoise stone is considered to be the stone of friendship, but it also means love and prosperity.

The amethyst attracts positive energy. Moreover, it is lent the ability to protect the wearer.

If opal means hope, aquamarine is considered to be the stone of youth and perseverance. They are both perfect stones for an engagement ring.

The topaz is associated with notions of courage, frankness and truth, which builds a solid foundation for a future marriage.

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