Most women live on cloud nine when they’re newly engaged. But for some it also leads to an extra dose of stress. They want to show off their beautiful diamond engagement ring by posting selfies on social media, but are somewhat embarrassed to put their hands on display.

A lot of women are apparently dissatisfied with their hands. What then? Use a retro photo filter or maybe get an extensive manicure done for the engagement selfie? Nope, in the States women are increasingly choosing for the real hand lift, including injection gel, chemical skin treatment and laser therapy.

The hand lift: popular, but not cheap

Since the rise of social media like Facebook, Twitter en Instagram the number of requests for a hand lift American plastic surgeons have received has increased by 40%. The main issue? Women think their hands look too old. Age spots, noticeable veins or a bony appearance are usually the main culprits. Masking the effects of aging can cost them a pretty penny: for an average hand lift of 6 treatments, it will cost them approcimately 1.000 to 2.500 euros.

The rising popularity of the hand lifts fits in a broader picture: plastic surgery in general already reached the public a long time ago. Botox treatments are, especially in beauty circles, no longer the exception but the norm. It was perhaps only a matter of time before hands got their turn.

How to avoid an expensive treatment?

Your hands usually give away hints about your age due to the thin skin, it’s true. But even if you aren’t happy with your hands, you can easily avoid having an expensive and time consuming treatment done. Leisurely look through our online assortment of BAUNAT engagement rings. Anyone who thinks that they’ll be bothered afterwards by a small age spot, will be pleasantly surprised.

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