We are all familiar with the classic settings such as the bezel setting or the prong settings that have been around for a long time now. But recently another setting has become more popular for people that love minimalism and modernity for their engagement rings, the floating diamond setting. What is a floating diamond and what does a floating diamond engagement ring look like?

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The Floating Diamond Setting

The floating diamond setting offers a distinctive and elegant look to any diamond engagement rings, everyday rings or earrings. The word floating refers to the fact that diamond appears to be floating in the setting of the ring, rather than being held in place by prongs or a bezel. Obviously the diamonds are not floating per se, but by being set in an open setting, where only two sides of the diamond are held by metal they create that illusion. This setting is perfect to elevate the diamond and highlight its unique beauty. It is truly contemporary and the best way to put all the attention on the diamond itself.

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It has only recently emerged as a new design, because initially it was difficult for jewellery manufacturers and goldsmiths to make. It was hard to find the right balance between a strong metal that was tempered enough to hold the diamond firmly, without it moving, but most importantly, without it putting too much force on the stone, risking to damage it.

There are actually several floating diamond settings possible to hold the diamond. The tension setting is probably the most familiar, where the stone is held by the tension of the metal which is on each side of the stone. Another setting used is the open bezel which is created to allow an open and airy base suspending the diamond above the ring. The floating diamond engagement ring settings are perfect for an elegant and modern look.

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Floating Diamond Engagement Rings, Rings and Earrings

Today, it seems that more and more women are opting for more simple designs that offer a unique touch and the beauty of the floating diamond setting is that it offers exactly that.

Floating diamond rings and earrings are contemporary yet effortless, because the accent is put on the chosen stone.

Furthermore, you can make the design a little more elaborate if you wish, by choosing to have many small diamonds set into the metal that holds the floating diamond, making it really sparkly and special.

Do you already own a timeless floating diamond ring? BAUNAT has a lovely selection of both diamond rings and earrings. The designs are further embellished as the metal is set with rivers of tiny diamonds, adding glamour to the beautiful floating diamond design. Should you not find the floating diamond ring of your dreams do not hesitate to contact us directly to find out more about our tailor-made service.
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