Did you know that wedding rings date back from the times of ancient Egypt? These rings were not made out of precious metal but out of stalks of reed or hemp. The tradition is the probably the result from a farmers boy sliding a self-made ring on the finger of his loved one.

It isn’t all that strange that a ring became a symbol for marriage. The round shape symbolizes eternity and in many cultures the ring meant infinity as well. In the case of the old Egyptians, the ring also symbolized the sun, which was worshipped in their culture.

Wedding rings have evolved to their present shape since those days. The Romans often made them out of iron, so that that their marriage may be equally strong, but higher class people also wore golden wedding rings sometimes. Before the 19th century only women wore wedding rings, to show the world that they were taken. Whereas man and wife used to choose for matching wedding bands in yellow gold or platinum, we now see more and more unique models. Often set with diamonds for her and also for him. Discover our collection of wedding rings, you will most certainly find the perfect set in our collection.

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