The famous cocktail ring is back. After years of layering with stackable rings, and more subtle designs, the ultimate ostentatious ladies ring is finally back and it will probably be around for a while. How has it evolved these past 2 decades and how does it fit in today’s fashion world? That is a question we are happy to answer in this article, where power meets elegance, and bold meets femininity.

  • From right-hand power ring
  • To statement elegance ring

From right-hand power ring…

In the 90’s the cocktail ring was the ultimate power ring, the ring that women wore on the right hand as a symbol of their independence. It was a ladies ring that showed their love for creativity, fashion and gave them that little extra that expressed their true nature and individuality.

The cocktail ring back then was colourful, it was bold, and it was dramatic. We could probably even call it “busy” because of all the colours, the complexity of the design and how large it was.

Furthermore, this ladies ring was usually set with many large gemstones of different colours and accented with a myriad of pave stones to add sparkle and presence.

But where does the cocktail ring actually come from? It dates all the way back to the 1920s during America’s prohibition era. During that time all alcoholic beverages were banned, which led to illegal parties, including cocktail parties. The 1920s were a time where women started enjoying greater freedom, freedom of speech and the right to vote, but also freedom to wear what they wanted and increasingly, had a greater spending power. It was during these prohibited parties that women started drinking cocktails, wearing glamorous dresses and in particular, beautifully large rings set with gemstones that were later called cocktail rings.

…To statement elegance ring

Today, the cocktail ring is back because fashion is booming with eclectic styles and colours. Adding to that the new trend of wearing a juxtaposition of different styles and materials at once, it leaves a perfect place for cocktail rings.

But cocktail rings today are not exactly like they used to be back in the 90s or earlier, they are elegant and eccentric in a different way. Nowadays, this ladies ring is more likely to be composed of one large single precious coloured stone which really remains centre stage of the design.

It is bold, but also more subtle. Feminine and present by accentuating the overall look.

Cocktail rings are decisively a must-have as much as the little black dress is.

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