The diamond cut is the guide used when fashioning a rough diamond into a polished diamond. It directly refers to the symmetry, proportions and finish of a diamond rather than its shape, such as a pear or a heart.

Today, there are many cuts to choose from when you are looking at purchasing your dream solitaire diamond ring. We are therefore going to present to you one of them in particular: the European cut.

  • How does the cut influence a diamond’s appearance?
  • What is the European cut and how does it translate into today’s solitaire diamond ring trend?

How does the cut influence a diamond’s appearance?

The diamond cut is what emphasises the diamond’s brilliance, fire and scintillation through a precise arrangement of the facets of the stone. The diamond needs to be cut to perfection in order to best portray its adamantine lustre. If the cut isn’t good, the diamond will not reflect its amazing properties as well as it should.

A diamond can have an amazing flawless clarity grade and a colourless colour grade, but if it is not cut properly, unfortunately it will not look as brilliant as it should be.

What is the European cut and how does it translate into today’s solitaire diamond ring trend?

The European cut was a round diamond cut that was created and used from 1890 to 1930s. It was preceded by the Old Mine cut and followed by the Modern Round brilliant diamond.

Until the mid 1900s, diamonds were measured and then cut by hand by the diamond cutters themselves. Which is why the European cut is not a perfectly proportioned diamond as modern-day diamonds can be. This cut is characterised by small table facets and heavy crowns with an overall deep look to it.

The European cut was actually one of the primary diamond shapes used in the Art Deco era, making this cut a popular choice among vintage and antique jewellery lovers. Additionally, it offers a particularly romantic glow to any solitaire diamond ring, providing a lovely alternative to more traditional round brilliant diamond rings.

You have a romantic soul and are wondering which diamond cut would be best for your solitaire diamond ring? You are looking for something out of the ordinary with a warm glow? Then the European cut is the ideal cut for you. BAUNAT has a fantastic tailor-made service where you can order any loose diamond you wish and have it set in a unique handcrafted ring that is locally made in Antwerp, at the heart of the diamond district.

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