• The engagement ring and the wedding ring are the main rings on the ring finger of every woman.
  • You can chose to match the two rings together, or to have a beautiful contrast between them.
  • Haven’t found a diamond engagement ring and/or wedding ring yet? At BAUNAT we have an extensive collection.

The engagement ring and the wedding ring, the 2 rings that women prefer to wear and like to show off. Both are considered as an ultimate love symbol, and stand for eternal love. Whereas the wedding ring used to be a simple ring in a particular precious metal, it is now often set with diamonds. Thereby it is important that the engagement and wedding ring fit nicely together, or rather have a beautiful contrast, which makes them a nice pair. We would like to go deeper into this matter.

Matching rings

Matching an engagement ring and a wedding ring is not so obvious. It is recommended to seek for advice at a diamond dealer with certain expertise. BAUNAT would like to assist you further. Take for example the solitaire ring, the most classic ring among the engagement rings. This simple diamond ring is beautiful in combination with an eternity wedding ring. As you will notice, the most important thing when combining 2 diamond rings is that you simply keep one ring more plain and make the other one stand out. This creates a balanced unity. For those who really want to go extravagant, can of course opt for 2 striking models.

Contrasting rings

The contrast lies here in the precious metal. Nowadays the different precious metals can be worn back together. White gold or platinum in combination with yellow gold, or platinum with red gold, or why not red-combined with yellow gold. Whereas women were kind of skeptical towards the fact that their engagement ring was made in another precious metal than their wedding ring, we now see a clear change of mentality. By combining 2 precious metals, you get a playful and fun look. But both diamond rings can also steal the show separately, depending on your mood and the outfit you wear.

Are you looking for a beautiful diamond engagement ring and/or wedding rings? Then you have come to the right place. At BAUNAT we would love to help you further! Are you interested in or do you have questions about a specific model, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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