Traditionally, the man gives his fiancée a diamond engagement ring at the wedding proposal, but not every woman likes to wear a ring. They are afraid to lose it and think that it hinders them in their daily activities. An engagement bracelet is the perfect alternative. They allow more freedom of movement, without worry the bracelet getting caught, damaged, or broken. Bracelets can be personalized extensively. Women can add something that have additions for each milestone of their marriage (first wedding anniversary, fifth, tenth, etc.). The bracelet becomes a collection of memories that can be worn every day.

The most famous engagement bracelet is undoubtedly the Love Bracelet from Cartier, and also Jacky O. got from John F. Kennedy a bracelet instead of an engagement ring. There are beautiful replicas on the market. Most men choose a bracelet set with diamonds to surprise their bride-to-be. The more diamonds, the better! Which man doesn’t want to see his lady shining every day? We also have a wide choice of diamond (engagement) bracelets, for everyone's budget.

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