• Vintage revival
  • Advantages of the cushion cut
  • The ideal cut for fancy coloured diamonds

Are you on a mission to find a diamond engagement ring? One of the choices you will have to make relates to the shape of the diamond. Even though the brilliant cut remains the most popular choice for a diamond engagement ring, the cushion cut is growing in popularity. This diamond shape has been in existence since the 18th century, but where is this recent rise in popularity coming from?

Vintage revival

Both in fashion and in the world of jewellery, a true retro revival is taking place. This reflects the more environment-friendly mindset of people, causing them to recycle old materials and to turn them into something beautiful and usable. Moreover, vintage jewellery truly radiates a sense of romance and glamour. It is therefore not a surprise that more and more celebrities opt for a diamond engagement ring with a cushion cut. Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway as well as Kelly Clarkson all wear a cushion diamond engagement ring around their finger.

Advantages of the cushion cut

The cushion cut is also known as the ‘pillow cut’ because of its rounded corners and slightly larger facets. These maximize the brilliance of the diamond and highlight its clarity. The shape of the cushion cut can vary from square to more rectangular. Your diamond engagement ring, cut as per time-honoured traditions, will appear utterly elegant. For your diamond engagement ring, would you prefer a colourless or a fancy coloured diamond with this shape?

The ideal cut for fancy coloured diamonds

Indeed: for fancy coloured diamonds too, the cushion cut is an ideal diamond shape. The reason is simple: the larger facets of the cushion cut ensure that the different hues of the coloured diamond truly come to life. The resulting kaleidoscope of colours outweighs the slight loss of clarity. This disadvantage compared to the brilliant cut will become redundant once you observe the shape’s positive features.

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