Are you thinking about asking your girlfriend to marry you? Then you should start looking for a beautiful engagement ring. Whether you go for a diamond ring that perfectly matches her style and taste, or rather for a symbol of your relationship, with a 3 carat diamond ring the possibilities are endless. A solitaire ring is an option, but by adding extra diamonds, you move away from the traditional and you can add an extra sparkle to her ring finger. For this we suggest the halo and the pave setting. Both kinds give a unique touch to the diamond ring. 

The halo setting

A 3 carat diamond ring is already quite notable on its own, but with a halo, an extra ring of small diamonds surrounding the diamond, you can create even more sparkle. The result is a diamond ring with a breathtaking appearance. Furthermore multiple halos are also possible. The more diamonds, the more impressive the ring will be. And by choosing white gold or platinum you can make the diamond shine even more.

A halo ring as an engagement ring will render her speechless. If however you already proposed to her with a solitaire ring, then a halo is the ideal gift for celebrating a birthday or an anniversary.   

Pavé setting

In a pave setting, small diamonds are set into the surface of the ring. They flank the center stone of 3 carats and make sure it is extra highlighted. The pave setting is a classic and is adored by women. How many diamonds you have set and what the ultimate design will look like depends on her personal style and taste, but also on your budget. The possibilities are endless.

Are you still looking for a diamond ring to propose to your girlfriend with? Or(simply) to surprise her? Then you are at the correct address! Have a look at our extensive collection of engagement rings. Do you have any questions about or are you interested in a certain model, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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