Did you recently realise that your partner is the one you want to share the rest of your life with? Then that means that you are ready for the big step and to propose to her. As you are thinking about how you are going to propose, this is when you have to start looking for that perfect big diamond ring. In this particular article we are going to delve into the 3 ideal settings for a fabulous 3ct diamond ring.

  • The halo setting
  • 2 side stones
  • Pavé setting

The halo setting

A 3 ct diamond ring is already of considerable size with its 9.1mm, but you can always add a little extra sparkle, to enhance the beauty of your diamond.

The halo setting for instance really adds a breathtaking effect to the whole design. With a halo, your 3ct diamond is set at the centre of a ring of smaller diamonds that completely surrounds the main stone.

The halo has been increasingly popular these past years, because it is not only classy, but it also gives the ring a glamorous and romantic look. Furthermore, whether you have chosen a fancy coloured diamond or a white diamond as the main stone, the overall effect will look like a myriad of stars shining bright into the night.

A beautiful halo diamond ring with a pavé setting by BAUNAT

2 side stones

The second ideal setting we wish to propose to enhance your 3ct diamond ring is to complement the centre stone with two perfect side stones of maybe 1ct to 1.5cts each. Whether your main diamond is round, princess cut or pear, adding a diamond on each side along the shank of your ring, will not only put forward your main diamond, but it will also add allure and freshness to your diamond ring.

Pavé setting

The third setting that ideally adorns a larger diamond ring is the pavé setting. It consists of many small diamonds that are set into the ring shank on the sides of the centre stone. Diamonds may be set on the whole ring or just half of the ring. The pavé is one of the most classic designs but it is loved by many since decades.

Whether you love the extra sparkle of a halo setting or a river of diamonds on your ring shank, then BAUNAT is your ideal jeweller. We offer a wide variety of unique diamond rings at the best price and quality ratio possible online. Please do not hesitate to browse through our online collection or to contact us directly should you need guidance in your choices.

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