Nothing is too beautiful or too expensive when you want to show your beloved how much she means to you. Celebrities expect, even more than others, an engagement ring of extreme high value. In Hollywood they even say that love is measured by carat weight. Celebrities will never miss a chance to show their big rocks to the world. So here a selection of the most magnificent and most expensive engagement rings of celebrities.

The most expensive engagement rings of celebrities

Beyoncé definitely belongs to the list, the singer namely has received a gorgeous engagement ring for the trifle budget of 5 million USD. The rapper-producer Jay-Z has given her an emerald diamond of 18 karat.

After her breakup with Nick Canon, singer Mariah Carey got engaged to billionaire James Packer, who gave her an engagement ring set with a 35 carat diamond. Made by Wilfred Rosado, this ring is worth 7,5 million USD.

Kate Middleton has inherited the Garrad ring of princess Diana when she joined the British royal family. Prince William gave Kate the ring that belonged to his mother. This engagement ring is set with a sapphire of 18 carat and 14 diamonds, and he was currently estimated at 370 000 Euro.

Jennifer Aniston wears a beautiful ring estimated on 1 million USD on her left ring finger since Justin Theroux proposed to her. It is a ring set with a diamond of 8 carats.

Gisèle Bündchen is one of the most famous top models that the world and the fashion industry ever has known. Gisèle Bündchen has received for her engagement with Tom Bradly a perfect ring set with a diamond of 4 carats.

Years known as a convinced single, George Clooney has married Amal Almuddin in 2014. For their engagement, he has given her a diamond ring worth 750 000 USD.

Ryan Reynolds, bought an oval pink diamond ring worth 2 million USD, to ask for Blake Lively’s hand in marriage.

During their 17 years of marriage, Victoria Beckham has received 13 engagement rings from her husband David Beckham. The most remarkable ring from her collection consist of a huge heart-shaped diamond worth 1.2 million USD.

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