The two main words that transpire for the upcoming 2019 wedding trends are simplicity and uniqueness: simplicity, as an equivalent to elegance and candour, and colour, as a synonym of non-traditional and unique.

After a year filled with 2 royal weddings and many new ostentatious fashion trends, 2019 seems to be the year that announces the return to more minimalistic styles and designs.

  • Wedding dresses: simplicity
  • Engagement rings: colour

Wedding dresses: simplicity

Following years of ball-like wedding gowns, heavy embroideries and volume, lots of it, it seems that we are returning to more simple yet chic wedding dresses for 2019.

As we have all seen, Meghan Markle announced the return to elegant and simple wedding dresses when she wore a stunning yet unpretentious, tailored and embellishment free Givenchy gown for her wedding to Prince Harry in May. Her wedding dress was applauded for its classic minimalist design. And that was only the beginning as we noticed later in the year that many fashion designers created beautiful modern dresses that followed the same minimalist approach for next year’s wedding season.

Another trend that we see rising for 2019 is bespoke wedding gowns. Brides are increasingly looking for limited-label designs that are capable of creating unique wedding dresses which reflect the brides’ individuality and that will not be available elsewhere. This trend also goes along the lines of  ethicality, as having your dress made locally with local craftsmanship is considered more ethical and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the supply chain is controlled and you know where it is all coming from.

Engagement rings: colour

The engagement rings for 2019 will be unique and colourful. While white diamonds and the classic solitaire diamond engagement ring will always be a favourite, we predict that 2019 will be filled with even more colour.

It seems that a touch of colour in a ring is becoming more popular because it truly reflects the personality of the bride. In fact, with colour you have one more possibility of making the engagement ring even more tailored to your wife-to-be, aside from the usual design and cut of the stone.

Hence, rubies, sapphires or natural fancy coloured diamonds are increasingly sought-after. They are used as centre stones or sometimes added as pops of different colour on the sides of or surrounding the centre stone on a ring. You can also choose a stunning white diamond as the centre stone and then add rubies as accent stones creating a magnificent trilogy ring that will certainly be exclusive.

There are many possibilities out there, just let your creativity flow and make sure to choose an engagement ring that represents your individuality and your relationship to your partner.

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