• Purchase tax free jewels for personal export.
  • Everything is organised internally by our accounting department.

Diamonds are precious, mysterious, rare and a symbol of love. On top of that, they are also considered a safe investment. But did you know that BAUNAT also offers you the possibility to purchase your diamond jewellery tax free? A unique asset for the personal export of diamond jewels.

High quality diamond jewellery, made by hand with the most exquisite materials. That is why you love BAUNAT. And you can purchase these diamond jewels tax free, without extra cost, as we don’t rely upon third parties to offer you this service, unlike the majority of other businesses. Everything is organised internally by our accounting department, to avoid unnecessary costs for you, the customer. A unique service that makes the prices for personal export even more attractive. Of course you need to keep certain things in mind when purchasing tax free diamond jewellery for personal export.

What do you need to submit to the customs check in an exporting European airport:

  • The diamond jewels or loose diamonds you have bought.
  • A purchase invoice in the name of the person that has purchased the diamond jewel tax free and who will export the jewel. Note: the personal export of the diamond jewel needs to be carried out within the 3 month following the invoicing date.
  • A valid passport that proves the exporting person is not a resident of the EU.
  • The airplane ticket that proves this person will leave the EU.

To get your VAT refunded, the original stamped invoice has to be sent by regular mail to BAUNAT, within 2 months of being stamped.

Do you have any further questions regarding the tax free purchasing of diamond jewellery for personal export? Or regarding the advantages of purchasing diamonds and diamond jewellery online at BAUNAT? Contact us today!

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