Tailor-made solutions

Aside from the wide range of price-tagged diamond jewellery we have on offer, we are also happy to provide tailor-made jewellery, for which we will provide you with a customised quote.In this tailor-made service as in our other offers, BAUNAT will offer you top quality at the best possible price.


Your Tailor Made Design

Jewellery can have strong personal significance and a high degree of emotional value. An important step or occasion, such as an engagement, wedding, birth, anniversary and many others are unforgettable events that can be enhanced by unique and personalised jewellery.An original jewel is a beautiful gift for a loved one, a friend or yourself.

BAUNAT gives you the opportunity to work together with our experts to craft tailor-made jewellery that fits within the BAUNAT philosophy. Our experts are happy to assist you in the creation of your perfect diamond jewel. Starting from your ideas, we will guide you through the creation processAssisted by our experts you will be able to modify the drawings and 3D models. When the model is completely according to your wishes we start the production of your jewel.

Your diamond

To ensure the best price, your diamond is purchased directly at the source at the best possible price. We select diamonds with superior brilliance but pay no additional cost for prestige or rarity. We choose diamonds based on the light they radiate. At BAUNAT, only the visually superior make the cut.

Our quality standards

BAUNAT jewels are made of the most imperishable materials, more specifically gold, platinum and diamonds of the best quality, which explains their long-lasting shine.

100% natural, certified & conflict free diamonds

18 Kt gold & 950 Platinum

Only the most renowned certificates by GIA, HRD & IGI.

Handmade in Antwerp

Our craftsmen rely on experience accumulated over generations to create your jewel. Our goal is delivering high quality jewellery worthy of the exceptional BAUNAT quality standard. Every jewel is a new challenge.