Tailor Made Service

Aside from the wide range of price-tagged diamond jewellery we have on offer, we are also happy to provide tailor made jewellery or loose diamonds. Since these are not part of our standard offering, you will receive a personalized quotation. In this tailor made service, BAUNAT delivers top quality at the best possible price thanks to our unique way of working.


Your Tailor Made Design

Jewellery can have a strong personal significance together with a high degree of emotional value. Important steps or occasions, such as an engagements, weddings, births, anniversaries and many others are unforgettable events which are worth being celebrated with unique and personalised jewellery pieces. An original jewel is a beautiful gift to a loved one, a friend or yourself.

BAUNAT gives you the opportunity to work together with our experts to craft tailor made jewellery according to the BAUNAT philosophy. Our experts are happy to assist you in the creation of your perfect diamond jewel. Starting from your ideas, we will guide you through the creation process. From rough sketch to 3D model to a magnificent finished jewel, our experts are with you every step of the way.

Your diamond

Your diamond is purchased directly at the source at the best possible conditions. BAUNAT can deliver any shape, size or quality available. You determine the quality, we guarantee the best possible price.

Our quality standards

Our experienced artisans skillfully create astounding pieces with only the finest materials. We only work with 18kt gold, 950 platinum and high quality diamonds with superior brilliance. All our efforts are directed towards creating jewellery of superior quality.

100% natural, certified & conflict free diamonds

18 Kt gold & 950 Platinum

Only the most renowned certificates by GIA, HRD & IGI.

Handmade in Antwerp

Our craftsmen rely on experience accumulated over generations to create your jewel. Our goal is delivering high quality jewellery worthy of the exceptional BAUNAT quality standard. Every jewel is a new chance to excell at what we do.