Tailor made necklace

Tailor made necklace

A necklace is an ideal jewel to give a special touch to your outfits. Whether it is a choker, a special chain or even a long necklace, a necklace inevitably shows your taste and aspirations.  

Composed of a chain from a precious metal, with one or more decorative elements, the necklace deserves to become a personalized object just as much as any other jewel.  To answer your most fanciful requests, we offer you to create a tailor made necklace.

To personalize your necklace, our experts and artisan jewellers will answer your requests with the greatest pleasure.

We offer you to design a necklace based on the following criteria :

  • From a precise model in a catalog ;
  • From a combination of two or more models ;
  • From a raw draft of a ring you have drawn yourself ;
  • From a picture and/or a memory of a necklace

Here you can find more information regarding the tailor-made procedure.
To order a tailor made necklace, which perfectly answers all your desires, please contact us!