Tailor made bracelet

Tailor made bracelet

Material, color, twist, width, length, point, holes, relief, thickness, finishing, border, lining, etc … are all parameters to consider for the realization of a bracelet.

Mostly worn on the wrist, however it can be worn on the arm or on the ankle, the bracelet remains a trendy and chic jewel.

To respond to the great variety of possibilities and to create and realize a bracelet, we offer you the option for a « tailor made bracelet ». It is without doubt that our artisan jewellers specialized in creating bracelets have inexhaustible inspiration for the composition of new models, unique in its kind.

Our experts remain at your disposal to take note of your wishes and exceptional desires, this to translate your aspirations and preferences into the creation of a tailor made bracelet.

We will examine the feasibility of your project and will send you a personalized quotation, with an excellent price/quality ratio.

Here you can find more information regarding the tailor-made procedure.
Create a jewel to wear every day, the perfect image of your creativity. Please contact us