Tailor made alliance

Tailor made alliance

On your wedding day, the most beautiful day of your life, you will be the center of attention.

During the ceremony, there will be an exchange of rings, which will be your unique piece. These diamond rings will be worn as a symbol of your commitment for the rest of your life.   

Since you are unique as a person, therefore your wedding ring should be as well. For this dreamful celebration you should pamper yourself. So, rid yourself of traditional ideas and choose a tailor made ring completely to your liking.

Dare to personalize your wedding ring. Your wedding ring must be a unique piece because it represents your dearest memories, as well as your shared and personal aspirations.

We give future couples the possibility to create tailor made wedding rings, according to their wishes.

At BAUNAT, our experts and artisan jewellers will give your wedding rings an authentic and eternal touch.

Here you can find more information regarding the tailor-made procedure.
For more details about our offer to create tailor made wedding rings, please contact us.