Tailor made: design

Tailor made: design

Jewellery can have strong personal significance and a high degree of emotional value. An important step or occasion, such as an engagement, wedding, birth, anniversary and many others are unforgettable events that can be enhanced by unique and personalised jewellery. Furthermore, original jewellery can serve as a beautiful gift for yourself, a loved one or a friend.

For this occasion BAUNAT gives you the opportunity to work together with our experts to craft tailor-made jewellery that fits within the Baunat philosophy. Our experts are happy to guide you on your search for the perfect diamond jewel, crafted exactly according to your wishes. You can do this by either giving a personal touch to a jewel from one of our collections, or on the basis of your own design, an idea or a photo.

At every step of the process you will be able to provide feedback before we proceed.

1. Your input, our quote

You will receive a quote based on the information (ideas, style, photo, shape, etc) you provide to us. Within this segment, Baunat also offers the best possible price for high-quality jewellery.

2. Visualization in 3D

Once you agree to the Baunat quote, we will provide you with a number of 3D images of  your design, created using CAD software. These 3D images demonstrate, as naturally as possible, how the jewel will look like in reality.

3. The artisans

Experienced artisans start the fabrication process, creating your tailor-made jewel using traditional methods.

4. Your precious

The final result – a magnificent and unique diamond jewel, crafted according to your personal wishes.

Should we have awakened your interest, or should you have any other questions, then please don't hesitate to contact our experts.


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