Once you‘ve decided that you want to propose with a unique tailor made ring, you need to ask yourself a few questions. These are very important in order to proceed more efficiently once you have stepped in or contacted the jewellery company you have chosen for this project.

  • Which design
  • Which stone, how many and sizes
  • Which material
  • Which budget

Which design

It may sound like a simple obvious question, but there are two options to choose from and whichever you choose, you still need to take into account your tastes, those of your beloved one and more.

First option you design your ring from scratch based on something you have seen somewhere or imagined, and that involves the skills of a jewellery designer. Or you choose an existing design you may have seen online or in store and decide to customise it through either a change of stone, or by adding more stones and engravings.

Which centre stone, how many and the sizes

You need to ask yourself a few things regarding the stones that you would like to see on your ring:

  • Would you like to opt for diamonds? If so, what shape and size do you prefer form your central stone?
  • Would you like one or more stones?
  • Would you like to have small diamonds incorporated into the ring band?
  • Would you like to add colour to your ring and thus combine white diamonds with fancy coloured diamonds or coloured gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds or rubies?

Which material for the ring

Once you have the design and the stones in your mind, you need to consider which material you would like to choose, from red gold, to white and yellow gold, or platinum. All are beautiful in their own way and depending on the stones you have chosen, could give different effects to the ring.

Which budget

You may not know how much a tailored ring may cost and although you may get an idea of prices online and in jewellery stores, it is important that you set yourself a maximum budget and try to remain within this budget. Depending on the figure, you may have to readjust your choices or not, but if you have a reasonable budget at hand try to stay with it and see what the possibilities are, you may just well find a way to get your dream engagement ring as planned.

At BAUNAT we have a team of experts that are specialised in tailor made designs, they will happily guide you to obtaining an engagement ring which is as close as possible to your wishes.

If you have most or all the answers to the questions above, please contact us as we are at your disposal to make your dream come true, with the best price/quality ratio in town.

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