• What does Maxima's gold bracelet stand for?
  • What does Heddie's gold bracelet mean?
  • How to personalize your own gold bracelet?

Jewellery has the power to affect an entire nation. Just think of the massive media attention around the wedding jewellery of Meghan Markle, with a nod to the late Princess Diana. But you don't have to be a royal to place more emphasis on the emotional value than on the price tag of your particular jewel. Read more about what kind of emotional value a gold bracelet can have. 

What does Maxima's gold bracelet stand for?

Let's stick with royalty for a minute. Not the British royals, but the Dutch. Queen Maxima has a whole series of gold bracelets that mean a lot to her. A particularly special item is the gold bracelet that symbolizes her family and of which it is said that Willem Alexander himself contributed to the design.

The gold bracelet contains 5 gems in different colours. A unique gems for each member of the family. 

Of what significance was Heddie's gold bracelet?

The grandfather of 52-year-old Heddie from Flanders bought a new gold bracelet for his wife at each birth. She collected a total of 7 and wore them daily until the day she died. Heddie was allowed to where them sometimes as a child, and felt like a real princess when she did. After the death of her grandfather, Heddie took her grandmother into her house.

After her grandmother's death, she inherited every gold bracelet that her grandmother owned. "For security reasons, I will keep them in the safe. I want to pass them on to my daughter in the future, because that is what my grandmother would have wanted”. A beautiful tradition!

How to personalize your own gold bracelet?

Do you also attach more importance to the emotional value of your jewellery than to the price tag? Have your gold bracelet engraved on special occasions or add a new diamond or other gemstone to your jewel for a symbolic touch. Or how about designing your gold bracelet yourself?

Customization is the perfect solution for the creation of a highly significant jewel. Receive assistance by experienced professionals and contact the experts at BAUNAT for extra advice.

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