When a person thinks of a diamond, they will most commonly think of diamond jewellery and the various designs: earrings, rings, necklaces and diamond bracelets.

But did you know that only about 30% of diamonds are actually of gem quality?

The majority of diamonds that have been found on earth are usually of industrial quality, which is another reason why gem quality diamonds per se are rare.

How are diamonds used?

Because diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material on the planet, they are used in many other surprising ways. They can be used as a tool: to cut, drill and cut other materials, but also as an extremely durable alternative to glass for example.

  • Speaker domes: did you know that diamonds provide better sound quality and therefore can enhance the performance of speakers? Simply by using a thin diamond film dome which can vibrate quickly without being deformed.
  • Abrasive: since diamonds are so hard, they form the perfect substance to be used on tools to grind, drill, cut and polish any other material.
  • Windows: yes, diamond windows, or thin diamond membranes that form windows being used on lasers, x-ray machines or vacuum chambers. These are very important in the medical and technological world as they provide transparent, durable and resistant to heat alternatives to other substances such as glass that doesn’t have all these crucial attributes.
  • In the jewellery world, diamonds are used to cut and polish other diamonds and gemstones, they are the only material that can be used to do that.
  • Decorate your teeth: yes indeed, you don’t have to limit yourself to visible parts of your body such as with necklaces and diamond bracelets. As it can be seen in some cultures where people like to have a golden tooth, there are people who have tiny diamonds set into or stuck with a type of glue onto one of their teeth!

Other uses for diamonds are being discovered on a regular basis, especially in the medical and technological sectors where diamonds are considered precious for different reasons than in the jewellery world.


The heart of BAUNAT is gem-quality diamonds. We strive to provide you with the most beautiful diamonds possible and have them set into the most exquisite designs to enhance their beauty. May be it a diamond bracelet or any other type of jewellery, BAUNAT has a myriad of different styles to offer on their website and in their private showrooms.

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