As part of the wedding preparations, couples have an important decision to make: the choice of their wedding rings. As you will normally wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life, the choice of rings is not straightforward. Most future couples choose wedding rings that sort of match with each other. Wedding rings for women, however, are often set with beautiful precious stones such as diamonds. Other gemstones can lose their brilliance when worn every day, but diamonds shine as beautiful as on the wedding day, even after several years. 

  • Which myths about wedding rings exist?
  • Which superstitions about wedding rings with diamonds exist?
  • Bad omens on the wedding day

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Which Myths About Wedding Rings Exist?

Wedding rings are special. They are and have been a symbol for the love between two people for hundreds of years. Certain myths and superstitions about engagement and wedding rings go back just as long. According to one myth, you should not joke around with a wedding ring, otherwise, misfortune can occur. After all, the predecessors of wedding rings were a symbol of slavery in ancient times.

Which Superstitions About Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings Exist?

The wedding ring of a woman must never be worn by any other person, especially not by another woman. Future wives should therefore pay attention to whom they entrust their diamond ring, as according to superstition, another person wearing or trying on your wedding ring will result in infidelity in the relationship.

Most women are happy with a wedding ring made from gold or platinum. According to myth, however, only a fiery sparkling diamond will ensure a couple’s passion keeps burning. The men in the USA apparently take this superstition very seriously as they often spend large sums on adiamond ring for their engagement. This is whythe engagement ring is often used as a wedding ring as well.

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Bad Omens On the Wedding Day

On theday of the wedding, the following should be avoided at all costs:

  • Dropping the wedding rings: According to superstition, the groom must pay special attention to the handling of the rings on the wedding day. If a ring falls, the marriage could become inharmonious. Even worse, according to another myth, if the groom drops the wedding rings, he will probably be the first to die.

  • Getting the wedding ring stuck on your finger: If the wedding ring does not easily slide on the woman's finger, it is rumoured the woman will turn out to be the dominant person in the marriage. If, however, the man can put the ring on his wife's finger quite easily, he will probably be in charge.

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