Choosing the right diamond jewellery can be a difficult task. BAUNAT is more than happy to help you make that choice. Is it best to let your choice of jewellery be guided by your particular style, face shape or other factors such as skin tone and hair colour? This style guide lets you explore which diamond jewellery suits you best, and how you can start your own jewellery collection.

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What defines your style?

It is important to define your own style before purchasing gold jewellery, as you want your jewellery to go with your clothing and appearance. You can definine your style mainly by looking at what's in your wardrobe. But also think about what impression you want to give. The classic look, or perhaps a more modern one instead? Are you looking to buy jewellery to wear day to day, or is it for a special event such as wedding jewellery?

Your skin tone, hairstyle, physique and the shape of your face will also define what kind of jewellery is best for you to wear. We have a comprehensive guide for you, which you can use right away.

Jewellery which underlines your style and personality

What's in your wardrobe? Mostly dark dresses and blouses? You can achieve the most stylish results by combining plain clothing with striking diamond jewellery: proper statement jewellery. With more striking colours and prints, it is better to choose simple jewellery.
Woman wearing a solitaire pendant, a beautiful example of classic diamond jewellery - BAUNAT


You can never go wrong with the classic look. It's the basics every woman should have at home. Think diamond earrings, a simple link bracelet or a necklace with a diamond pendant. The jewellery in this collection matches any outfit: a simple white blouse you wear to the office, or a party outfit. With a plain, elegant appearance and charm, these represent timeless pieces of jewellery. A great investment which you might possibly leave to a family member as an heirloom.

If you want to give your mother, aunt or grandmother a present, go for the classic look to be sure of winning points!

Browse the BAUNAT classics collection here

Earrings with a floral motif, great for women with a playful style.


Do you like colourful patterns with flowers, wildlife or other cool prints? Then more playful jewellery is the right style for you. Consider then our Flowers collection, or the Monarca collection. With flowers and butterflies in your diamond jewellery, you will certainly be giving the impression of playfulness.

Be sure not take it too far. Perhaps you'll choose a pair of eye-catching earrings? Keep the rest of your jewellery simple.

Mixing and matching jewellery also goes perfectly with this style. Wear different types of rings together, or mix and match several chains of various lengths for a unique look.

View these earrings from the Flowers collection here

Woman wearing jewellery from the Mademoiselle B. collection by BAUNAT


Do you frequently wear jacket and heels to work? Or even in day to day life? Then you should choose elegant diamond jewellery to complement your outfit. Think small earrings, a designer necklace or an alliance. One of BAUNAT’s collection suitable for the elegant woman is Mademoiselle B. The jewellery in this collection is simple, yet adds sparkle to your work outfit.

Would you prefer your jewellery not to stand out too much at work, for example? Then go for black diamonds, these reflect less light than colourless diamonds but are still very sophisticated.

View the Mademoiselle B. range of jewellery here.

Ring with butterfly motif and different coloured diamonds from BAUNAT


There is certainly also a wide selection of diamond jewellery for the colourful ladies among us. Do you wear a lot of colourful clothes, and only a touch of black and grey? Then it's easy to match your jewellery with your clothing.

You have several options with diamond jewellery. On the one hand, you might choose to play around with different coloured precious metals. Think yellow gold, rose gold or platinum.

On the other hand, you could add colour using coloured diamonds and precious stones. This butterfly ring is a fine example of this.

Take a closer look at this ring

Woman wearing minimalist diamond eternity necklace from BAUNAT


Do you wear plain outfits with neutral colours like black, beige and white? Then go for minimalist diamond jewellery, to keep the right tone. Often this is very plain jewellery with little fuss. Just like traditional jewellery, it also matches any outfit and is totally timeless.

The BAUNAT collections "Love Forever" and "L’Atypique" include very elegant, minimalist jewellery. Whether you go for round, eternity jewellery, or square jewellery with floating diamonds.

Take a look at this eternity necklace here

Jewellery which suits your physique

As well as your fashion sense, you will also have to consider your physique. Physique is very much an important part of this. Are you particularly tall, or perhaps short? Are you a little full-figured, or perhaps quite petite? All these aspects will play a role when it comes to choosing your diamond jewellery.
Drawing with various chain lengths demonstrating that tall women can wear necklaces of different lengths, or can just mix and match them - BAUNAT


Are you taller than the average woman? Or maybe a bit fuller-figured? In both cases, there are certain things to look out for when choosing jewellery.

You can generally go for larger, more eye-catching jewellery. Think of a sturdy watch or wide bracelet, such as this floral bracelet. Mix and match several types of necklace for a trendy look.

Try not to choose fine jewellery, as it can easily become inconspicuous.


Are you shorter than the average woman, or have a petite build? Then you will have to look into some finer jewellery. Think fine necklaces, a plain cuff bracelet and studs for earrings.

Jewellery which is too large can easily overpower your outfit and make it too busy. One advantage you do have is that there are plenty of options in terms of styles. Floral, butterfly or other motifs do not come across as childlike.

What you should pay special attention to, is necklace length. If you go for a very long necklace, it isn’t likely to suit you, and might even emphasise your height. So, a short, gold chain is a better option.

Jewellery which complements the shape of your face

Another aspect of your body to take into account is the shape of your face. This will be an important aspect when choosing diamond jewellery, particularly earrings. It's usually best to choose jewellery shaped the opposite to your face, to make sure it doesn’t emphasise the shape of your face.
Necklace with floating rectangular brilliant, from BAUNAT

Round face

It's best to wear longer diamond earrings if you have a round face. These give the illusion of having a longer face.

It's also best to choose straight or angular shapes for a necklace. These accentuate the stronger lines in your face and will help your cheekbones and jawline stand out more. A longer necklace will also make your face appear longer.

Take a closer look at this necklace

Woman wearing stylish earrings from BAUNAT

Angular face

With an angular face, you want to break through the clean lines. You can do this by choosing medium to large earrings with elegant shapes, such as these leaf earrings.

In terms of necklaces, it is best to go for shorter ones. Here too, you can go for round, elegant shapes, such as one of our designer pendants.

Browse the Dancing Lady collection

Oval face

Count yourself lucky! A person with this face shape can wear almost any sort of diamond earrings. So be sure to try out different styles, to find the one that suits you best. Avoid earrings which are too long. They shouldn't hang lower than your chin.
If you want to give the illusion of a shorter jaw line, it is best to go for a short necklace.
Round earrings help your face appear shorter - BAUNAT

Long face

Do you have a very long face? Then choose short, wide earrings. Vertical lines make your face look even longer. These round earrings are a beautiful design for the shape of your shape.

For necklaces, it is also best to look at shorter necklaces. These will give the illusion of a shorter face. The beautiful necklace, from our Licio collection, is a good example of this.

Jewellery to go with your hairstyle

The next aspect you should take into account when choosing diamond jewellery is your hairstyle. Do you have long or short hair? What colour is your hair? This all has an influence on your choice of earrings and necklace, and their colour.
Woman with blond hair wearing white gold jewellery with sapphires - BAUNAT

Blond hair

Women with blond hair can choose between plenty of precious metals, but bright white gold or romantic rose gold are often best for them.

You can choose to mix and match colourless diamonds or different coloured precious stones. These white gold earrings with sapphires are a good example of this.

Take a closer look at these earrings

Woman with blond hair wearing white gold jewellery with sapphires - BAUNAT

Brown or black hair

Are you a brunette? Then you should choose yellow gold. This colour of precious metal is the most flattering for you. Rose gold is also an option. Combine your chosen precious metal with gemstones in cooler colours. Think of sapphires, rubies or black diamonds.

For black hair, choose white gold or platinum.

Take a closer look at this gorgeous necklace here

If you have grey hair, go for white gold or platinum jewellery, and choose purple or lilac as the accent colour.
Woman with red hair wearing white gold designer earrings from BAUNAT

Red hair

Are you blessed with beautiful red hair? Then choose white gold or red gold in your jewellery. These precious metals will beautifully match your hair colour.

In terms of precious stones, it is best to stick with light, pastel-coloured gemstones. Your skin is often lighter in tone, so it is best not to wear strong colours.

Take a closer look at these designer earrings here

Long hair

With long hair, you can wear longer or bigger earrings. Naturally, you'll want people to see your earrings through your hair. In theory, you'll look beautiful wearing any sort of diamond earrings. You could also wear any sort with medium-length hair.

Short hair

Do you have short hair? Then you can choose either large, statement earrings or minimalist stud earrings. Try to avoid earrings which come down to your shoulders, as this will disrupt the balance with your face.

Choosing the right precious metal

Another way to find out which jewellery suits you best is to check if your underlying skin one is warm or cold. Depending on this, it could be best to choose other precious metals. There is a very simple test for this. Look at your veins in natural daylight. If they are clearly blue, then your underlying tone is cool. If they tend towards a green colour, however, your underlying tone is warm.
If necessary, have a style consultant perform a colour analysis to find out which colours are the most flattering for you.
If your underlying skin tone is cool, then white gold and platinum are the right metals for you. Yellow gold or rose gold go perfectly with a warm underlying skin tone.
An entourage ring from BAUNAT can be worn as a cocktail ring

Which rings suit you?

To choose the right ring, you must of course refer to the style of your other jewellery. Do you wear quite a few eye-catching bracelets or necklaces? Then it would be a good idea to choose a simple ring, such as an alliance ring. But if your other jewellery is in fact quite minimalist, you could safely wear a striking statement ring, such as a cocktail ring.

An entourage ring from BAUNAT is the perfect solution between an elegant and a striking ring.
Do you often wear nail polish? Then you should adapt it to go with your ring. Neutral colours, such as light pink, go with almost everything. This gentle, classic colour makes both you and the diamond on your finger sparkle. Brighter or black nail polish, are easiest to combine with white gold or platinum.

Mix & match diamond jewellery

Nowadays, it is no longer a faux pas to mix and match diamond jewellery. It's fun to wear several precious metals or colours of precious stones at the same time.
Woman wearing several BAUNAT stacking rings together.
Mixing and matching rings is easy with BAUNAT’s stackable rings collection. These are simple rings, which together form a beautiful ensemble. You can decide whether to wear them all on the same finger, or on different fingers to create a new look every day.

Wearing several rings together is not only applicable to our stackable rings collection. You could also wear your engagement and wedding rings on the same finger. For a wedding anniversary, an eternity ring might be added on.
Bracelets and necklaces are also easy to combine. When mixing and matching necklaces, go for different lengths, to create a unique combination.

Which jewellery suits which occasion

There are all sorts of different occasions where jewellery is either appropriate, or less appropriate. We will discuss a few to help you on your way.

Are you looking for something to wear every day? The options are endless. This depends on your own personal style, but collections such as our classics are a good, timeless option. Think of a single ring combined with a tennis bracelet or a beautiful pair of stud earrings.
Keep it simple when it comes to day to day diamond jewellery
Of course, at the office it depends on the setting and dress code. We would also recommend choosing simple diamond jewellery. The satellite collection is a good example of simple, yet elegant, jewellery that will not get in the way at your workplace. Diamond earrings are also perfect for the office, and a must-have for every woman's jewellery collection.

Going to an evening dance? You can than choose for a jewel with that little bit extra. A beautiful necklace with coloured precious stones or a cocktail ring will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.
Diamond necklace from BAUNAT to wear at your wedding
It would be lovely to wear a set of elegant diamond jewellery at your wedding. Create a sumptuous bridal look with an extravagant necklace, beautiful earrings and possibly even a diamond tiara.
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