• Helpful ideas for the safekeeping of jewellery
  • Tips on how to keep cleaning to a minimum

Beautiful, high-quality jewellery deserves to be worn regularly. There is no need to wait for a festive occasion to adorn yourself – discreet yet noble jewellery also pairs well with business outfits or for leisure activities. Nevertheless, it must be stored correctly. This is the only way to ensure that you will still enjoy it as much after many years as on the first day:

  • Extra jewellery boxes with small compartments and special trays for rings are ideal for storage. Generally speaking, jewellery should not be stored on top of each other – otherwise it’s possible that the pieces will scratch each other. For example, a diamond – the hardest mineral in the world – can quickly scratch other softer materials. Cheaper fashion jewellery and semi-precious stones – especially amber – are particularly sensitive.
  • Do not use cotton. It protects your jewellery, but it also accelerates oxidation and therefore leaves you cleaning it more often than necessary. Silver in particular tarnishes very quickly.
  • Bacteria has a tough time sticking to gold, silver and platinum, but for hygienic reasons, it doesn’t hurt to give the jewellery a quick clean before it disappears into the jewellery box. Body lotions, creams, fats and skin particles that have adhered to jewellery are most easily removed immediately after wearing. This is especially true for earrings, as inadequate cleaning quickly leads to inflamed ear holes. And here’s a nice side effect: the jewellery doesn’t wear out as quickly.
  • Jewellery trees or ring stands are decorative, but unfortunately even the cleanest of flats has dust which will adhere to the smallest corner of a piece of jewellery. Spare yourself the extra work and keep jewellery in a closed container.
  • In a large jewellery box, for example, some small earrings with diamonds will quickly manage to disappear between other pieces of jewellery. And it’s often the case that you can’t find the matching pendant you want in a moment when you quickly need to grab it. Here’s a simple remedy: Always keep earrings in pairs – there are special cushions with holes for this purpose that come in many different shapes and sizes. These cushions are usually already included in your purchase.
  • Gold and platinum never rust, but jewellery should not be kept in the bathroom because the high level of moisture accelerates and unnecessarily facilitates the tarnishing process.

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