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Every 5 years, BAUNAT renews their limited stock items and offers you a unique opportunity to shop diamond jewellery and watches at up to 20% off. A special offer that a BAUNAT enthusiast simply cannot resist. The same unequalled quality at a truly remarkable price, just for you. In addition to an exceptional price, you will also enjoy a fast delivery for these items. Please read our terms and conditions at the bottom of this Web page for further information.

Items at 20% off

Use the code STOCKSALE20 at checkout.

Our Swiss watches are made in Switzerland by the most skilled craftsmen focused on producing exquisite timepieces. Designed for those who expect high quality standards and appreciate true watchmaking know-how.

The symmetry of a circle stands for perfection. A diamond necklace with an infinite circle is a timeless classic that everyone loves. The necklaces from the Love Forever collection are the perfect representation of inner love and peace.

Items at 15% off

Use the code STOCKSALE15 at checkout.

"Playful diamond earrings with lots of love. Original design meets the elegance of diamonds in these stunning studs. Timeless circles or modern crosses, there is a perfect match for everyone.

Extravagant diamond pendants with a lot of personality. Striking designs that will steal the show. Wear these pendants on a gold necklace and feel the elegancy of their unique curves."

Items at 10% off

Use the code STOCKSALE10 at checkout.

A unique selection of our classic pieces like our yellow gold tennis bracelets and multiple modern jewellery collections full of elegant floral designs with unique shapes that bring us closer to nature. The perfect variety of elegant pieces that are both modern and timeless.

Items at 8% off

Use the code STOCKSALE8 at checkout.

Enjoy 8% off selected pieces from our Jafo and Ouverture collection. Our Jafo collection was inspired by the ancient Japanese packing techniques bringing a new level of modern elegance into life. Sophisticated, with a temporary twist, this design accentuates a diamond's beauty by showcasing the classic solitaire setting.

The reflection of the asymmetrical beauty of nature finds its way back the bold designs of the Ouverture collection. Pure luxury with the most stunning diamonds, this distinctive design takes inspiration from the openness of a flower in bloom.

Delivery times: The Jafo collection pieces can be with you in as little as 5 working days, with delivery on the Ouverture collection, up to 10 working days.

Items at 5% off

Use the code STOCKSALE5 at checkout.

Our certified diamond pendants, earrings and necklaces are elegant jewellery pieces for everyone. Their timeless design fits every look and occasion.

Our Flower collection is the perfect addition to a summer outfit. The warm floral aura of these pieces will complement every wearer.

Stock sale conditions

Cannot be combined with other actions and/or promotions. Discount valid on the items shown on this webpage. Our 30 day return policy does not apply to the items bought in this stock sale. This action is valid until the items are sold out. Most items can be delivered between 1 and 3 working days. Contact our team for more information.

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