What sort of statement are you making with a gold statement necklace? Do you really want to be the star of the evening, or are you just hoping to give extra allure to a plain sweater? A statement necklace is often a large necklace and the most important feature of your outfit, or is particularly striking. In any case, it draws all the attention to you. And you can wear them with any outfit: a chic wedding dress, a plain turtleneck, or it is stylish white blouse. We explain here how to mix and match the jewellery.

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Woman in wedding dress wears a white gold statement necklace from BAUNAT

Can you wear a statement necklace any time of the year?

The time of year can influence the type of statement necklace that you wear. In spring, summer or on vacation, colourful jewellery and bright, vibrant colours can look breathtaking. A thin gold statement necklace with diamonds is elegant and matches any classy dress.

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In colder or gloomy weather, a necklace can create more sparkle, especially if you are wearing your jewellery at a winter or Christmas party. We tend to wear darker colours in winter and autumn. A stunning statement necklace with large links or bright colours of precious metal brightens up a simple outfit and your surroundings straight away.
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Woman wearing red gold statement necklace from BAUNAT with medallion

On which occasions should I wear a statement necklace?

If you choose a striking necklace for work, stick to one colour. A gold statement necklace is a perfect choice, in combination with dark clothing. The necklace will still catch the eye and complement your outfit nicely, without appearing overly flamboyant.

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For a classy evening out, mix and match a diamond necklace with a white top or simple, with a black dress to make a feature of your necklace. You could complete an outfit with various detailing and fringes with a simple and short link chain. If you want to go out in style, don't forget matching accessories, such as decorative stackable rings or diamond earrings.
Woman wears choker from BAUNAT as golden statement necklace

What would be the ideal length for a gold statement necklace?

It is difficult to say what the ideal length for a gold statement necklace should be. Experiment to find the best length for you. You can also use your jewellery to accentuate your figure. For example, you could choose a necklace that drapes nicely above your neckline to emphasise your feminine shapes. Choose a choker as a statement piece if you want to make your neck look narrower.

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A statement necklace is always striking, but remains a matter of personal preference, just like the desired length. Either way, you should feel comfortable with the chain round your neck. It gives instant self-confidence, makes an outfit complete and is easy to style. A trend that isn't going to fade away any time soon.

Why go for a diamond statement necklace?

The diamond statement necklace remains "très à la mode", a must-have for every fashionista. The bigger the better! A real eye-catcher that never goes unnoticed. And perfect in combination with a simple wedding dress.
A thin gold statement necklace with diamonds is elegant and matches any classy dress
You're putting diamonds in the spotlight on a plain sober dress or sweater. Coloured gemstones shine out even more. It's all about more with this trend. More is more, but try to avoid other (large) jewellery. They just divert attention from the real stars: yourself, and the diamond statement necklace.

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A gold statement necklace is definitely the right thing in the right place at times. As well as the statement necklace, there are many other necklace designs which have more of their subtlety: a pendant with a solitaire diamond, for instance. You can find out the benefits of the classic necklace, pendant and locket in the blogs which follow. In addition, you can also learn more about the history of the necklace and how you can best mix and match them.
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